The team at Southern Gas Services are extremely proud to be New Zealand’s ONLY family owned and operated industrial, specialty gases and cryogenic liquids manufacturer and distributor.

At Southern Gas Services, we have a simple philosophy – To provide you and your company with the best quality products available, combined with a service record that is second to none.

Starting from a small manufacturing and distribution hub based in Christchurch, we have successfully grown our company through trusted and longstanding relationships with distributors throughout the country.  We aim to work with like minded companies who are dedicated to providing simply the best products and services to customers at an affordable price.

Many of our customers have been with Southern Gas Services since our company began trading in 2003 and are still loyal today! This is a real testament to our outstanding products, services and the enduring relationships we forge with our customers.

Here at Southern Gas Services, we do not simply “buy your gas contract” –  We Earn It!


We have a range of mixed gas options that can be tailored to suit your exact food, beverage or packaging application and can be supplied in a variety of cylinder sizes. All mixed gas cylinders maintain mixture consistency, right up to the point at which the cylinder is empty.


We have access, through several independant gas suppliers, to an extensive range of certified gas standards. Available in either low pressure lightweight aluminium or high pressure steel cylinders. Manufacturing times, on average, are shorter than those available elsewhere.


We have a range of cryogenic/refrigerated liquids in a variety of cryogenic containers to meet most applications. We can offer delivery, pick-up and refilling services of privately owned containers, or alternatively we can fill at our head office for your convenience.


We have access to an extensive range of mixed or pure gases to suit any industrial application. Gas mixtures can even be tailored to your “one off” applications in-house. Cylinder sizes have been standardised to simplify identification and re-ordering.


We now have the ability to supply a complete range of cryo-containers through INOXCVA, for a variety  of applications which includes dry shippers, long term storage or transport containers. We can also offer 2 styles of liquid level sensors/alarms for peace of mind storage.


We have access to 2 types of level indicators. Installing a level indicator means that with a simple glance, you can accurately know exactly how much cryogenic liquid you have available to use or alternatively, how much sample storage time you have remaining.


Generate Nitrogen with purities from 95% – 99.9995% pure on site as required from thin air. Each system is sized to meet your exact requirements which means less initial capital outlay and faster payback.


Generate Oxygen gas onsite as required from thin air. Oxygen is available at purities up to 93% pure, from a few litres per minute to thousands of litres per day. Fully automatic portable units to large industrial installations are available.


Accurately blend any mixture of gases either statically or dynamically with fixed or variable concentrations. Increase the versatility of 2 pure gas cylinders by blending multiple mixes onsite rather than having multiple cylinders, each dedicated to a single task.


We pride ourselves on working with only the world leaders when it comes to industrial and speciality gas equipment. We understand that having all of the right equipment when you need it is crucial to completing your job on time and within specifications.


We are an IANZ Accredited Cylinder Testing Laboratory certified to test high pressure industrial gas cylinders. We specialise in testing our own cylinder fleet however, we are able to provide our customers with a test and fill option to provide a one stop shop gas convenience.


We are currently in the process of setting up a GC/MS laboratory, specifically for analysing non-reactive and reactive gases, along with common EPA and air monitoring gas mixtures. Our ultimate goal is to become IANZ accredited and manufacture certified gravimetric gas standards.


We are able to manufacture highly accurate uncertified gravimetric gas mixtures on site, at our Christchurch head office. These mixtures can then be calibrated against a known certified standard and are ideal for situations where large volumes of calibration gases are required.


We offer an ownership cylinder gas fill service  (*Conditions apply), onsite at our head office in Christchurch. We have a variety of pure gases available such as Argon, Carbon Dioxide & Oxygen and gas mixtures consisting of Argon/Carbon Dioxide available to suit most welding applications.



We can offer competitive pricing on our complete range of gases and equipment.  In most cases, we can provide “piece of mind” by locking in your prices for up to 3 years. Ultimatley giving you certainty when it comes to pricing your consumables job by job, year after year.  Our rental charges are the lowest in the market place, offering you additional savings.

That’s the Southern Gas difference


All of our bulk and specialty gases are analysed by a variety of independent laboratories. No product is released unless it has met or surpassed our stringent set of quality standards. This ensures quality and consistency with our gas supply chain.  Gas analysers are employed onsite to monitor our filling plant and bulk transfer processes

That’s the Southern Gas difference


Our hours of operation are Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm.  Orders received before 9:00 am will be delivered that day (if you are based in Christchurch). If ordered after 9:00am this will be delivered the next working day. Alternatively you can collect from our depot. Cant make it during these times? Please call one of our staff members to enable collection. 

That’s the Southern Gas difference


There competitive pricing and outstanding service has aided the continued growth of my company. In such a cut throat market, Southern Gas are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

Laine Etwell

Director, CNC Solutions Ltd

We have used their gas products on many occasions and have found them to be careful, accurate and on time with gas mixtures and supplies. We fully recommend their services.

Prof. Murray McEwan

Chief Technical Director, Syft Technologies Ltd

SGSL have created a custom gas blend unique to our requirements.  We love working with SGSL and their team.  They are professional, friendly and able to think outside the box to provide custom solutions.

Jason Winders

Director, Better Life Industries

When our supplier (major competitor) walked away from a process welding issue, Southern Gas Ltd formulated a special gas to solve the problem. We are still successfully using it today.  Service is second to none which is greatly appreciated.

Geoff Todd

Director, Todd Augers & Equipment